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Features Of Royal London

Changing The Guard

Diana Spencer Memorial

Spencer House

Index Of Royal London Features

Abbreviations Definitions

PLEASE NOTE: Admission Prices are for one adult at time of listing.

Changing The Guard- Days Places & Times

Changing the Guard will take place at Buckingham Palace, Horseguards Parade and Windsor Castle on the following days in 2010: The change over lasts about 30 minutes

Buckingham Palace Time 11.30am

August – odd-numbered days, i.e. 1, 3, 5, etc.
September – even-numbered days
October – even-numbered days
November – odd-numbered days

Horse Guards Arch Time 11.00am (10am Sundays)

Changing the Guard takes place daily. it is normally held on Horse Guards Parade by the arch of Horse Guards Building.

Windsor Castle Time 11.00am

August – even-numbered days, i.e. 2, 4, 6, etc.
September – odd-numbered days
October – odd-numbered days
November – even-numbered days


Diana, Princess of Wales ‘Memorial Fountain’ in Hyde Park

Near the Serpentine Bridge

The memorial to the late Princess Diana was unveiled in July 2004. Designed by the American architect Karen Gustafson the oval shaped fountain is made out of 545 blocks of Cornish granite in a ring of water similar to a racecourse. It has water flowing gently down both sides. Admission is free from 5 a.m. to midnight


Spencer House H; R; CO

Spencer House was designed and built in 1756 by the Palladian architect John Vardy and then in 1758 James Stuart. The latter was commissioned by the first Earl Spencer, ancestor of Diana Spencer, for his appreciation and understanding of neo-classical Greek architecture and the interior design of Spencer House was probably one of the first buildings in London to incorporate aspects of this style.

It contains several ‘State Rooms’ cleverly designed for entertaining the social aristocracy, which John Spencer was part of, in an atmosphere that combined ‘status’ and a relaxed ambience. Further internal additions on a similar vane were added in the 1780s by the architect Henry Holland including Greek Ionic columns to the dining room. The Spencer family lived permanently at the house until 1895 after which it was leased to various companies who have used it as offices and place to entertain clients.

In the 1990s the present owners RiT Capital Partners restored the building to its original 18th century form. It includes many prime examples of furniture of the period and an extensive collection of paintings including five Benjamin West works loaned by the Queen. Spencer House is open to the public on Sundays but not usually in January and August. It is possible to arrange private tours.

27 St James Place.
London SW1A 1NR
Nearest Underground Green Park
Telephone For Tours 020 7514 1958